What is 2x6?

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  • What is 2x6?


Answer #1 | 01/10 2007 15:07
2X6 is 12. Laurey. [email protected]
Answer #2 | 01/10 2007 15:22
In mathematics 2x6 is 12. In carpentry 2x6 is a piece of lumber 2 inches wide by 6inches and can be various lengths usally 8,10,12,14,16 feet in length. These boards are planed at the mill toa finish size of 1 and one half inches by 5and one half inches. In algebra 2x6 would be 2 times a variable times 6. In geometry 2x6 would be an figure 2 units wide by 6 units long or 12 square units in area. In landscaping 2x6 would be an object 2 units wide by 6 units long. In astronomy 2x6 is a double star with 6 planets on the outer perimeter of a distant galaxy at the edge of the known universe(not sure about that one).
Answer #3 | 01/10 2007 15:49
2x6 is 12 you get 12 by adding 6 twice (6+6)

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