What if I don't pay my insurance company the money I owe them?

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  • What if I don't pay my insurance company the money I owe them?


Answer #1 | 27/03 2017 22:23
1. You probably don't owe them any additional money...unless you haven't been checking your mail for invoices. 2. Enjoy paying the insurance surcharge associated with a lapse in coverage. 3. Just hope you don't live in a compulsory insurance state...the penalties for operating without insurance can be worse than a DUI...
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Answer #2 | 28/03 2017 06:49
They will probably sue you.
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Answer #3 | 28/03 2017 21:03
It will be sent to collections and will damage your credit and background record.
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Answer #4 | 03/04 2017 08:39
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Answer #5 | 27/03 2017 22:15
Eventually, your insurance will be cancelled. If this is home insurance, your mortgage lender will buy home owners' insurance for you - probably pay 3 times what you are paying now. If this is car insurance, you will be driving illegally since you must have insurance coverage to put a car on the road (note if you get in an accident now and haven't paid the last three months, the insurance will not cover your accident sine you are technically not covered.
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Answer #6 | 27/03 2017 20:55
Then they cancel your insurance and you have no coverage. However, I do think there might be a one month period where they would have to accept a late payment and cover you for any claims once you are all paid up. This is based on advice long ago when I was switching health insurance. I was told not to cancel it, but to just quit paying. That way if something major happened I could get double the coverage for just one premium payment.
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