What happened so far in Naruto between Naruto and Hinata?

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  • What happened so far in Naruto between Naruto and Hinata?


Answer #1 | 24/12 2013 08:54
Nada, her confession to Naruto was ages ago. Since Kishimoto (the author of Naruto) doesn't care too much about the romance aspect in Naruto he has kept the same love triangle thing throughout the whole series such as: Hinata is loves Naruto, Naruto loves Sakura, Sakura loves Sasuke, and Sasuke is indifferent. Though it will probably change soon, due to the fact the manga is coming to an end and he will sort out the love aspect before it ends. He is waiting til the end to do that, or he might not do it at all. The reason he might not do it at all is he would probably (well, not probably he will) get hate mail from the pairing-tards that say "omg why didn't you pair Naruto with Sakura/Naruto with Hinata/Sakura with Sasuke" and so on. I've seen so many people saying that if their pairing doesn't become canon they'll do that. So to keep his readers/viewers coming back he is keeping it open-ended until the end. So to answer your question overall, nothing much. Hope I answered your question :) Have a nice day
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