What exactly did Milo say that caused a riot? I can't find it anywhere?

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  • What exactly did Milo say that caused a riot? I can't find it anywhere?


Answer #1 | 02/02 2017 23:14
He didn't get to say anything. Liberals, in the finest of Brown Shirt tradition, rioted and prevented him from speaking.
Answer #2 | 02/02 2017 23:12
He never said nuttin.
Answer #3 | 02/02 2017 23:13
He didn't say anything--the event was cancelled before it started.
Answer #4 | 02/02 2017 23:27
it wasn't what he said, it is his stance on many things. and just so you know, the students at berkely did not cause the riot. outside agitators did. think trump.
Answer #5 | 02/02 2017 23:20
OK, I'm not going to defend the guy. He's kind of a jackass even though he's on the same side as me. But all rioting does is point out you can't actually debate the ideas.
Answer #6 | 02/02 2017 23:18
I don't see what the fuss was about, the guy's an idiot, not worth rioting over He's from the UK, most of us here just ignore him.
Answer #7 | 02/02 2017 23:22
No one on that campus who was outside knows. None of those people are students save for the organizers who stood back and watched the fools burn and loot. By the way; Berkley get 3/4 of a billion dollars in federal grants.
Answer #8 | 02/02 2017 23:18
He has conservative ideas; therefore if your liberal, he should be silenced.

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