What eats deer flies?

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  • What eats deer flies?


Anonymous685331 | 30/07 2017 18:05
Natural Controls The natural controls on deer fly populations are extensive, but their overall impacts are limited. Deer fly eggs are parasitized by several species of wasps. Nematodes, fungi, and bacterial parasites and pathogens can quickly kill larvae. Many birds (especially species of swallow and flycatchers) eat adult deer flies, but none seem to specialize on them as prey. Dragonflies, robber flies, spiders, and numerous hymenopterans of genera Vespula, Crabo, and Bombix also prey on adult deer flies. Years ago, I observed my horse standing motionless in one area of his pasture with swarms of deer fly hunting white-faced hornets around his legs and neck. The horse would regularly return to this “cleaning station” in an attempt to get relief from the high level of deer fly activity.
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