what does tea time mean in the UK?

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  • what does tea time mean in the UK?


Answer #1 | 22/11 2013 12:25
It can mean having a cup of tea but it also means dinner. What are you having for Tea? Beef and kidney pie or fish and chips.
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Answer #3 | 22/11 2013 12:46
Answer #4 | 22/11 2013 14:19
gonna play golf!
Answer #5 | 22/11 2013 16:37
Tea time refers to the evening meal (also called dinner). Lunch here is usually just called 'Lunch' or sometimes for people that call their evening meal 'Tea Time' they call their lunch 'Dinner'. I have never called drinking Tea 'Tea Time' lol.
Answer #6 | 23/11 2013 05:00
varies. there is afternoon tea taken by ladies out shopping - tea, sandwiches, cakes. taken around 1500. Some people refer to their tea as the evening meal - dinner really. Taken earlier than dinner - 1800
Answer #7 | 23/11 2013 02:31
Tea time in Britain is generally what you get in evening after work some call it dinnertime In Scotland we have Breakfast dinner and tea and supper In England they have Breakfast, elevens, lunch, afternoon tea, and then supper In america from what Ive seen is Breakfast hamburghers all day, dinner
Answer #8 | 22/11 2013 23:41
Depends where you are in the UK, people observe it a little differently. When I visited friends in Wales, tea time was at 4:00 p.m and they made tea and little sandwiches. It was great - a very civilized, relaxing moment.

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