what does someone has to do when it's his birthday..?

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  • what does someone has to do when it's his birthday..?


Answer #1 | 16/10 2006 07:09
you can make yourself a great big breakfast, or do nothing it is totally up to him
Answer #2 | 16/10 2006 07:09
When it's your birthday, you don't HAVE to do anything.... it should be about what you want to do!
Answer #3 | 16/10 2006 07:15
it is your personal holiday, on mine I pick something that I haven't tried or experience before and go from there
Answer #4 | 16/10 2006 07:15
you are not required to do anything on your birthday. Its your day so do what you want to do to celebrate it. That could mean a party, a night on the town, or simply staying at home. Others may take you to breakfast, lunch, etc but that is their way of celebrating your birthday. Just enjoy!! Take care
Answer #5 | 17/10 2006 17:58
buy a cake
Answer #6 | 16/10 2006 07:17
Shall i say u. If u have a GF then have a great talk with ur GF on that day by going outside like to MCDONALDS, Cafe Coffee Day, or any place where its too romantic for u and ur GF. It will feel happy for ur HEART and will make her feel great also.

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