what does people waching mean?

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  • what does people waching mean?


Answer #1 | 31/08 2006 10:54
To watch people, observe.
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Answer #2 | 31/08 2006 11:26
Everybody knows it means putting watches on people. Some people watchers progress to become clock watchers and then put clocks on people.
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Answer #3 | 31/08 2006 10:57
I always thought it meant just that -watching people, sometimes making up stories in your head about them, who they are where they are going etc
Answer #4 | 31/08 2006 10:58
It's what it says on the tin... Watching people!
Answer #5 | 31/08 2006 10:57
thier behaviour,
Answer #6 | 31/08 2006 10:57
Perhaps it is just you they are worried about. Maybe they are watching you to make sure you dont run off without paying.
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Answer #7 | 31/08 2006 10:56
Answer #8 | 31/08 2006 10:57
they wachin in spain bar becus they is in spain not mongolia
Answer #9 | 31/08 2006 10:59
ummmm, not too tough on this one. You sit, you watch people go by, thats about it. Anyone can do it!
Answer #10 | 31/08 2006 10:59
Sitting in a cafe watching the people walk by on the sidewalks...
Answer #11 | 01/09 2006 02:43
Me and my friend do it all the time on hols, you get a lounger, a drink (alcohol) cigarrettes if desired and a magazine, we pretend we are reading but really are watching people and their faces, if we see a person who looks like someone we know back home we nudge each other and share our 'find'. We also like looking for 'unusual' people, we like listening to other folks conversations and their arguments!! Try it, it's fun without upsetting anybody.
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Answer #12 | 31/08 2006 16:56
it means just sitting there and watching people, like at a restorant when dining out
Answer #13 | 31/08 2006 11:08
It means watching people going about their day to day business. Nothing specifically to do with Spain.
Answer #14 | 31/08 2006 10:59
people watching means just that..........watching all the wierdos you see every day. It is something that is done here in the states too.........I get bored and sit and watch the freaks all the time. Its especially fun to go to the beach and do.
Answer #15 | 31/08 2006 11:01
People watching is simply to sit in a public place and watch the world go by. Good places to people watch: Parking lots (while waiting for your friend to come back from the store) State fair (you really get a good idea of your native brothers and sisters) Arriving an hour early to a concert and watching all the people fill the arena (my personal favorite)

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