What does it mean when a woman says "see you around" ?

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  • What does it mean when a woman says "see you around" ?


Answer #1 | 29/09 2013 22:11
To be honest, it could mean that she wants to see you around, hopefully sometime soon. Or it could mean that she is not really interested but she should be nice and end the conversation politely. It really depends on how a person uses that phrase. But since you said that "it seems to be going very well," I would lean more towards option 1; yes, she is interested and she would like to see you soon.
Answer #2 | 29/09 2013 22:17
Probably just a casual thing she says.. you're thinking about it way too much. It most likely does not mean anything. At all.
Answer #3 | 29/09 2013 22:23
It's just a casual way of saying bye, but a cut above from just saying "Bye" (because that comes off as cold or abrupt). I've used that exact phrase to other people, mostly for new acquaintances that I'm getting to know, and sometimes to friends that I don't see too often.
Answer #4 | 29/09 2013 23:08
Having " Lunch " is a very safe " Date " IF she even considers it a " Date " You seem to be interested, does she know that or are you playing it a little close & haven't revealed your feelings in any way ? Personally, I never had a " Lunch " that led to anything further. But your relationship revolves around communication by text, which is the way younger people seem to communicate these days. I suppose it's a way to learn a bit more about someone, but you can't read facial expressions, body language and so forth. You're asking questions that can't be adequately answered based on so little information. Consider it part of the " Hunt ", the part which appeals to many people. AND above all, don't read too much into information gathered in this preliminary part of your discovery stage in the relationship. People have different techniques in their approaches. A slower approach often means that you are looking for more than just a quick hook-up. That sounds like you. So enjoy the hunt !
Answer #5 | 01/10 2013 06:37
It's nothing more than a polite way to end a conversation. See you later, See you around, See you soon. Catch you on the flip side. It's all the same thing. A polite goodbye. Don't read too much into this. She's just being polite and since you said she is a very nice person you shouldn't expect it to be any different. "Interested" What is that supposed to mean? If she wasn't interested in having a relationship with you she wouldn't be talking to you. Friendship is a relationship too. But a relationship doesn't automatically mean she wants to be intimately involved. Slow down cowboy. Take this one step and one day at a time.
Answer #6 | 30/09 2013 03:47
she thinks you are fat

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