What does a woman or a girl look for a perfect man?

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  • What does a woman or a girl look for a perfect man?


Answer #1 | 12/10 2010 05:49
Females just want someone that they can count on. Some women are shallow, we can't help that... but genuinely, we just want someone to rely on, someone we know that we'll be able to trust, someone that can make us feel indescribable.
Answer #2 | 12/10 2010 05:50
Weight of pocket, I mean heavy pockets
Answer #3 | 12/10 2010 05:57
no man or a woman perfect so question is not understood
Answer #4 | 12/10 2010 06:00
In Indian society, arranged marriages do not give scope for selection by a girl. Elders select what they want-caste, money, status, obedience and so on. But once married, the woman looks for certain things after developing confidence, such as growth in status to reach high positions, earn money at the younger years, travel and spend. But problem comes that they do not speak out and rather dictate. Then comes escapism. A perfect man satisfying the expectation of his woman, is, either really 100% perfect or concealing his darker side or taking pity on the desparate woman. Summary: expectations are from both sides. While loving or marrying one has not conducted a survey or selection in the true sense. Perfection is a relative term.
Answer #5 | 13/10 2010 20:34
a man who can give them some "Brains". Sicko!

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