What do you think of Muslim women?

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  • What do you think of Muslim women?


Anonymous456249 | 27/07 2017 02:27
According to the qu'ran and hadith of Bukhari, they are the property of islam and its allah and the father or husband. Under sharia there is no freedom for women.
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Anonymous633263 | 20/08 2017 19:30
I think they , and children's, are the legal property of male muslims who can do anything to them they want , and i do mean anything. Sharia law is horrid and evil.
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Answer #3 | 05/06 2017 04:21
I love them.
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Answer #4 | 05/06 2017 03:44
I don't have any reason to think about Muslim women. And I don't.
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Anonymous88527 | 25/07 2017 06:09
Not much .
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Answer #6 | 05/06 2017 04:05
Keep 'em covered.
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Anonymous258981 | 21/08 2017 02:26
I think they are slaves of muslim men, and their repugnant religion of islam.
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Answer #8 | 05/06 2017 03:42
They are female members of the same specie as the rest of us.
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Answer #9 | 05/06 2017 04:41
I have been friends with several, and they were nice.
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Answer #10 | 05/06 2017 03:49
I try not to.
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Answer #11 | 05/06 2017 04:44
Honestly, they're alright. I fell in love with one once a long time ago. When I first met her I didn't know she was a Muslim, she was just a girl with dark hair, brown eyes, she didn't wear a hijab so I didn't know really anything until she told me. She was born in Iraq, I was born right here in the states in a small mobile home in the middle of nowhere after our family lost our farm. She was certainly something else, she never really wanted to be a Muslim though, that's probably why she was different than the rest of them. By now she's probably finishing up her schooling, she's probably doing pretty well now, and I may not ever see her again but she was certainly a beautiful girl. I don't know what went wrong or what might have been, but just the fact that she was willing to love a guy like me says a lot. I'd marry that girl in a heart beat, but she's probably found someone a lot better than me right now. However, I still think pretty highly of her, she was one of a kind, don't think I'll ever find another her, but I'll keep trying! So, I guess to answer your question. I've really only known that one, so take from that as you wish.
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Answer #12 | 05/06 2017 04:31
They shouldn't be forced to wear headscarves or any sort of covering, but it is immoral for anyone to force them to take them off.
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Answer #13 | 05/06 2017 03:58
Nice eyes. Probably fat from inactivity and being kept in the home. Probably smelly from lack of deodorant.
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