What do you think of Ladygaga as a person?

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  • What do you think of Ladygaga as a person?


Answer #1 | 10/02 2014 07:24
She's okay
Answer #2 | 10/02 2014 07:11
Never met her, but I got a feeling when she hears all the criticism about her, she just laughs all the way to the bank.
Answer #3 | 10/02 2014 07:18
I don't know her as a person, only a celebrity. As a celebrity, I don't care for her, but as long as Yahoo stops posting articles about what she wears I'm happy.
Answer #4 | 10/02 2014 07:16
shes ok
Answer #5 | 10/02 2014 08:41
She's trying too hard to be seen as artistic though she's famous because of shock value. In addition, she seems like a pathetic narcissist.
Answer #6 | 10/02 2014 07:07
You do know that her persona is supposed to be 'weird' and that's exactly why she's called Gaga, right? I think in real life, she's sweet but a bit of a spitfire, judging from her pre-fame(pun intended) moments. We can't say for sure though.
Answer #7 | 10/02 2014 07:06
I don't pay attention to her anymore. Not as much as when she first came out. I really enjoy her song Paparazzi... it's my favorite.
Answer #8 | 10/02 2014 07:06
she creeps me out
Answer #9 | 10/02 2014 07:05
Yeah I suppose so :)
Answer #10 | 10/02 2014 07:05
She is a character. I think she is a tad off in interviews.
Answer #11 | 10/02 2014 07:06
i liked her when she first came out with her first few songs.. but once she changed her image i lost interest in her.
Answer #12 | 10/02 2014 07:05
don't like

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