What do you think of Germany?

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  • What do you think of Germany?


Answer #1 | 18/09 2006 20:48
Germany is sweet, all the best things come from Germany including part of my heritage.
Answer #2 | 18/09 2006 20:57
technologically advanced, intellectual, nice....oh,and you are super cute (if thats you)
Answer #3 | 18/09 2006 21:01
I like hübsches Land i have traveled thru and its really nice you i like the thick dence vegetation. i also like your style of buildings . i thnk every place have its good and its bads
Answer #4 | 18/09 2006 20:56
I was in GDR 15 years ago. Great country, great people....and I miss it... even the travan.
Answer #5 | 18/09 2006 20:55
I think Germany is a really nice place. I went there about 20 years ago, and I found the people to be kind, generally progressive and polite. The architecture is beautiful, as is much of the land.
Answer #6 | 18/09 2006 20:49
hübsches Land, einige gute Violine Hersteller =)
Answer #7 | 18/09 2006 20:50
people have stereotypes because they are a simple way to have an opinion on something or someone... but if they talked to you and got to know you, they would know the real deal!
Answer #8 | 18/09 2006 20:55
I love Germany. It's clean, organized. The people are mostly nice. The food is my favorite European food. The beer is great! Isn't yodeling something they do in Switzerland or Austria? I have never seen anyone in lederhösen, but I would wear them if I could get some. Do you wear a dirndl? I bet you would really cute in it!
Answer #9 | 18/09 2006 21:16
Germany is the best of everything. The people, the food, the culture, the music......I could go on and on. I am very proud to be a German-American. I just hope to see my parent's country someday.
Answer #10 | 18/09 2006 22:02
i think Germany Rocks! i'm half German half Korean...i think Germany people r good looking like u.LOL=]
Answer #11 | 21/09 2006 15:58
It is my home country.
Answer #12 | 21/09 2006 18:50
Lived/worked in Berlin 1999-2001, made many friends there (whom I'm still close with), and I loved the place/people. I have lived in many places, in my native USA and in various countries, working for international corporations. Berlin is the ONLY place I've lived in that truly felt like home. My Berliner colleagues, who had never worked in the USA, were humored at how I was like all other North-Americans: I carried pictures of my daughter in my wallet and showed them to everyone, along with keeping pictures of my daughter on my desk. They were impressed that, however, I was unlike most yanks in that I traveled everywhere, tried everything, hung out with the locals (my only North-American friend was a French-Canadian), and ate all foods that were within my lacto-vegetarian diet. BTW- Berlin caters very well to vegetarians.
Answer #13 | 22/09 2006 13:47
i was there in 1985 and if i were live in any other place besides the usa i would go to germany
Answer #14 | 21/09 2006 03:16
I love germany, I lived there for five years and recently came across for three weeks to watch as many of the world cup games as possible.... I think they are the people most like the british in Europe...I have never had a bad experience there (except getting robbed in Berlin one time, but I ended up going on a date with with the cute police officer lady who helped me out so every cloud has a silver lining!!) Regards Ichi
Answer #15 | 20/09 2006 18:10
You might be interested in reading our Germany travelogues: You'll be delighted with our impressions of your country.
Answer #16 | 18/09 2006 22:22
Nice People
Answer #17 | 18/09 2006 23:49
I've never been there.
Answer #18 | 20/09 2006 00:09
I used to live in Hamburg, Germany when I was 4 years old, for about 1 year. then went to longon for a year, dont remember much of either. Anyways would love to visit again, but I hate flying :-(

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