What do you think my balance is on my Wells Fargo card?

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  • What do you think my balance is on my Wells Fargo card?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 19:49
First, it's prob in collections. Interest rate is at least 1% a month. So, 1% of 800 is 8. Plus fees for being late, usually 35 each time. First month, balance is about 843. Now, 1% of that number and so on for 12 months. Could be more. Interest rate divided by 12 months to get monthly. Interest on top of interest. has calculators that might help. Get more responsible or you're going ot end up in serious doo doo later in life with money.
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Answer #2 | 22/12 2013 22:58
Call and ask for a statement if you can't log on to your account. I can see it being more than double in a year of late charges and jacked up interest rates.
Answer #3 | 22/12 2013 23:00
800 x 29% interest for 12 months = approx. $ 1066. 12 x $35 late charge for unpaid minimum balance = 420 plus interest $ 61 = $ 481 Total after 1 year $1066 + 481 = $ 1,546 Every month you delay will accrue more interest and more late fees and more interest on the late fees. The sooner you pay it off, the better for your long term financial health.
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