What do you think? and since I am here what is on todays menu?

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  • What do you think? and since I am here what is on todays menu?


Answer #1 | 06/06 2009 20:51
Strawberries in dark chuckle-late huh? Well my dear you look rested and well. This brings a smile to my face. If you should chose to take that poetry advice inform me so I can sample of your vice.
Answer #2 | 06/06 2009 21:14
Yala! Yala! Yala! Got to figure out what it is! I would not like to be a fly on the wall nor would I read the book of tales tall What IS on the menu? Yala? Good night :)
Answer #3 | 06/06 2009 21:02
We would be scandalized no doubt...or rolling on the floor with laughter =)) I don't think I would want to know even...hmpft. Would spoil the eulogy!
Answer #4 | 06/06 2009 21:25
I heard they were serving chocolate covered strawberries as a midnight snack. I'm in! Mmmmmm.... Delicioso! More por favor! Mmmmm.... Muy bien! Buenas Noches mis amigas. Enjoy the party!
Answer #5 | 06/06 2009 21:32
if my walks could only talk they'd say, "This is boring, let's go for a walk."
Answer #6 | 07/06 2009 08:17
Amazing Grace
Answer #7 | 07/06 2009 03:33
I was thinking you'd die of boredom til I got to the last line but if it's behind the closed doors of my mind you'd be peeking watch out! Bring some dramamine and lots of booze BTW, where AM I? What the heck is Yala?
Answer #8 | 06/06 2009 22:36
wow, lovely and deep little poem, loved the last 2 lines, soo creative and evocative

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