What do you think about Porsche 911 Carrera turbo s sound (like fighter jet).?

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  • What do you think about Porsche 911 Carrera turbo s sound (like fighter jet).?


Answer #1 | 31/10 2013 19:32
well, the turbos in the 911 can somewhat make it sound like a jet but i dont particularly like the sound of 911s. they are too high pitched without a deep tone to them. now in a formula 1 this is super cool ut it just lacks the intensity to sound seriously cool. (a modified exhaust on a 911 is a good sound though, i heard one near my house once and it was pretty good) the Ferrari 458 italia is among the best V8 sounds ever. its incredibly spirited and with its high RPM limit its crazy cool. the 458 sounds even cooler on the outside when its driving away quickly. you can hear it for a really long time after its gone. the best sounding car ive ever heard though is a lamborghini gallardo. the V10 doesnt have a smooth rev up sound. the gurgle it gets sounds mean and angry. i drove an audo r8 v10 which has a slightly detuned version of the lamborghini v10 and it was super cool. even on roads not pushing it the car was amazing, on downshifts it roared like it didnt like slowing down. the car sounds like it likes bein driven hard. at the same supercar rental place they had gallardos and they sound even more brutal than the r8 v10. (subtle difference makes it sound more adapted for a track than the r8)
Answer #2 | 01/11 2013 20:04
Anyone that thinks a Porsche 911 or any car for that matter, sounds like a fighter jet, has not heard an actual fighter jet. While turbos have a distinctive sound, it is NOTHING like a jet engine. The Ferrari has the traditional high pitch wail that they are known for and once again, NOTHING like a fighter jet. Stand next to a runway while any number of commercial jets, or any number of fighter planes take off and land and you will quickly realize that cars with combustion engines and jets with jet engines sound nothing alike.

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