what do u do when your heart yearns for something it can never have?

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  • what do u do when your heart yearns for something it can never have?


Answer #1 | 30/10 2007 08:23
I go for it any way
Answer #2 | 30/10 2007 08:24
i don't have a heart so not sure what you mean?
Answer #3 | 30/10 2007 08:27
A heart transplant would seem to be the cure.
Answer #4 | 30/10 2007 08:23
I have something else that I can have
Answer #5 | 30/10 2007 08:23
Realise that you get no-where dreaming of impossible options, if there is a slight chance then go for it and don't let anything get in your way.
Answer #6 | 30/10 2007 08:23
Buy it
Answer #7 | 30/10 2007 08:23
You have to move on and not let it take your life over....
Answer #8 | 30/10 2007 08:27
i know what you mean,there is no answer unfortunately.learn to enjoy what you do have.
Answer #9 | 30/10 2007 08:38
we have only one life,do not waste precious time with something you can never have......real happiness is cheep enough,yet how dearly we pay for its counterfeit.
Answer #10 | 30/10 2007 10:15
overfill my stomach with food unfortunately.
Answer #11 | 30/10 2007 10:25
If it's serious such as a death, and I can be with that person, or pet anymore I get extremely depressed. Then I take some type of anti-depressant such as L-5HTP for a few weeks. But the most helpful thing is to lean on God. If it is less serious, like I just want my way, I tend to get a bit of a hissy fit. That's when I forget or ignore the way God wants me to handle the situation.
Answer #12 | 30/10 2007 09:56
When your heart years for something you cant have you should be thankful that your heart can still yearn for something. Know that this will not be the last thing your heart will want, or need and take comfort in the fact that you have the ability to move on to something different and possibly better.
Answer #13 | 30/10 2007 09:24
Answer #14 | 30/10 2007 08:42
You got to tell yourself that things happen for a reason so if your heart cant have it, it must not be "meant to be"
Answer #15 | 30/10 2007 08:50
I thought this was the Dining Out section? I usually go to a restaurant so I CAN have something!
Answer #16 | 30/10 2007 09:15
Go for it , n gt it , espiecally wen I knw I wnt it dat bad , n usually wen my heart yurns for sumthin' , it knws I'ma cave n n gt it !

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