What do teacher and students think of expensive brands?

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  • What do teacher and students think of expensive brands?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 09:30
onur-you have asked this multiple times now IF you want to know what teachers and students think about your height and clothes- Ask them
Answer #2 | 22/12 2013 09:39
You can't ask what we think, and then accuse us of "hating" when we tell you that no one likes a student who shows off. That's our opinion, and we're telling you that it's likely to be the opinion of many teachers and students. What kinds of responses are you looking for?
Answer #3 | 22/12 2013 10:09
No one cares. Well, I don't care. They don't notice because the world does not revolve around you.
Answer #4 | 22/12 2013 10:52
I don't hate but I do despair because your values are out of line. Teachers will care more about your work than your clothes, other students will respond to how you treat them.
Answer #5 | 22/12 2013 12:02
you are wasting valuable money on stuff you can get for a fraction of the price without a "brand name" no one is going to be impressed by this . they probably think you are a pretentios prat

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