What do I put dial to , to read car fuses dcv or dmt , dca and what #?

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  • What do I put dial to , to read car fuses dcv or dmt , dca and what #?


Answer #1 | 08/02 2014 12:47
You can test car fuses on continuity while out of the circuit. To do that, set the tester on "OHM". 0 resistance means fuse is ok, a large resistance means it is blown. To test a fuse while in the circuit, you can use the Vdc with the 20V or similar scale, one probe on the ground, the other on fuse terminal (alternatively input and output) - both will show voltage if the fuse is healthy - otherwise, only the input will indicate voltage. However, to do that you should master first the electricity basics. Until you do, you better avoid improvising or doing things without understanding it. Have someone experienced coach you.
Answer #2 | 07/02 2014 20:48
dc volts, preferably on a 20volt scale.
Answer #3 | 07/02 2014 21:16
To Test a Fuse Out of the Vehicle use Ohms. 0 Ohms means Fuse is Good. infinity or O.L. means Fuse is Blown. To Test Fuse In Vehicle use 12 VDC. Black ( Negative) to Ground. Red ( Positive) to Each End of Fuse. If 12 Volts at Each End Fuse is Good. If Voltage at only One End Fuse is Blown.
Answer #4 | 07/02 2014 20:47
dca is dc amps, dcv is dc volts so not them. You want resistance in ohms. I will tell you that if you touch the two contacts of your meter together and the dial goes to 0, you found the right setting.
Answer #5 | 07/02 2014 20:48
You can generally look at a car fuse and tell the wire is broken in two. However, you should set the multimeter to read continuity. This is the Ohms reading for resistance. IF you touch the leads together the multimeter will read 0. If you separate the leads they will read 1. When you touch the two legs of the fuse, a good fuse will show 0, because there is a complete circuit. A broken fuse will read 1, because the circuit is broken (the fuse is blown). This is also the setting to check switches. The closed switch will read 0, because current can flow through the closed switch. The open switch will read 1. If the switch is bad, it will read 1 when closed.

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