What do i have to do to bid for a project in Germany?

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  • What do i have to do to bid for a project in Germany?


Answer #1 | 12/07 2009 17:12
In theory it's all about procedures. In particular the type of procurement you are seeking is best governed under certain "Construction of works and installations abroad" applications- The Ideal contract application is governed under "UNCITRAL" Your concerns has also to with "Contract Guarantee" I.e; Performance Guarantee's, and Repayment Guarantee's. It's a complex application by any standards. You have not defined your expertise , but it's not simply about "Bidding for the project' You will need money upfront to Guarantee Performance, thus you need to know a lot about the process and your obligations to perform. I suggest you contact an "International trade lawyer " explain your situation and listen to his advice. It will cost you a fee, to have a half hour discussion , but that's a far better option than walking into such a complex project blindly. A few hundred dollars to be fully informed of your obligations is a wise investment indeed.

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