what comes first- your mother or wife?

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  • what comes first- your mother or wife?


Answer #1 | 16/01 2009 03:10
Answer #2 | 16/01 2009 03:12
You get in the water holding on tight and let the women in there lol or you quickly float by something bigger. There shouldn't be a choice like that lol. I guess it would be one of those you pick kind of things, if you're not quick enough then you may lose them both lol. Sounds like a real life situation doesn't it? lol
Answer #3 | 16/01 2009 03:11
depends on whose doing something
Answer #4 | 16/01 2009 03:16
my mum. because she brought me into this world,, also cause shes amazing and cause i dont have a wife as im a girl :L
Answer #5 | 16/01 2009 03:17
Mother! No matter what happens your wife will only be someone you fell in love with! Your mother is the person you love and keep on loving unconditionally.
Answer #6 | 16/01 2009 04:00
Your wife because you can bring more lives into this world. You can tell your kids all the good things about their granny. You cant have kids with your mum and she already enjoyed her life with her husband, now its its your turn to be fulfilled.
Answer #7 | 16/01 2009 04:13
Why must there always be a divide between the two? Anyway, most definitely 150% wife. I've grown up with a father that has loved his mother 300 times more than my mother and sisters. It really takes a toll on your personal family, you're in a relationship with your wife, and if your mother can't handle it then i'm sorry but that's the way it is.
Answer #8 | 16/01 2009 03:17
Guess that would be me. Both my mom and my husbands' mom died years ago. Better BE ME! I'd take the dogs too.

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