what can my job be?

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  • what can my job be?


Answer #1 | 14/07 2006 00:23
no german = no jobs. that's a truth. you should stick with your english teaching job or move to english speaking countries.........
Answer #2 | 14/07 2006 00:25
your an educator proud....why you questioning your occupation...its wonderful Are you satisfied
Answer #3 | 14/07 2006 00:27
You look like a Prime Minister.
Answer #4 | 14/07 2006 00:31
1, an english speaking tour guide for english,asian and african tourists. 2, paint name boards in english. 3, translate recent best selling english novels to german with help of german friend. if you cannot do any of the above , consult me. in the meanwhile ,I will think of more careers for you.
Answer #5 | 14/07 2006 00:30
well, start by answering why germany in the first place. will it solve ur job problem?.. does Eng Lit come naturally or just what u studied, if so start writing a book(novel, teaching aid in Lit etc) as u engage in this soul search by writing, u'll encounter what u r designed by God for. if u gave a little more about what comes naturally to u( u like doing) then i might perhaps throw a light as to what u r fitted for. Am not an expert mind u... enjoy ur day.

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