What are your thoughts on video game addiction?

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  • What are your thoughts on video game addiction?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 17:15
Well, I believe I'm one of the most qualified to answer your question. I'm a Psychology major and for a research paper in college I chose to do my project on Video Game Addiction in Adolescents. Firstly, Video game addition was first diagnosed in Korea. In fact, there was a child who went to play an MMO in a building known as "Computerfun" in which you pay a small fee for a membership to go online as much as you want in that building. Well, this child in Korea spent so much time on this MMO in question that he literally starved himself to death. They checked his logs and he was sitting at the same computer for 56 hours straight and his body just gave out. He was 10 years old when he died. Since then, the MMO servers in Korea are legally forced to shut down all MMO servers from 12AM to 6AM so they can at least get some food and water as well as sleep. Gaming addiction was also diagnosed somewhere near the Dutch provinces, I believe. Gaming addition has not yet been diagnosed in America, but here is a good way to determine if someone is really addicted to video games. First off, let's break down what addition means. Addiction is literally defined as someone who is so obsessed with something or someone that it interferes with their everyday lives. That includes priorities and responsibilities. They will also show signs of anger or hatred towards anyone who tries to take them away from the subject in question. Therefore, if someone is missing school or lost their job or their family over a video game, it's safe to say that they are addicted. However, it's only a doctor's job to diagnose. Not ours. Don't go around stamping people you may know with the addicted label. These are not what I think. These are the facts. If you want my opinion, gaming addiction does exist and it can be bad for some people. Most of the people who are considered to be addicted to video games are trying to escape real life, for whatever reason. I hope this answer will satisfy you. Take care.
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