What are the top ten ten most easiest jobs in America?

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  • What are the top ten ten most easiest jobs in America?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 19:06
Easiest jobs for people with what skills? Seemingly easy jobs still take some skills For people who weren't good in school: Maintenance/janitorial work Business cleaning work Laundry Housekeeping Child care Food service Short order cook Dishwasher Car wash worker Newspaper/flyer carrier
Answer #2 | 24/12 2013 09:11
Ten Easiest Jobs: 1. The jobs in the YA! department that decide which questions get deleted. 2. Trainer for the position of YA! questions to be deleted department/ 3. Supervisor for #1 & #2 above. 3. A designer for the latest YA! format to guarantee total confusion. 4. Sorting résumés of YA! job applicants.. 5. Interviewer for YA! job applicants. 6. Selector for which news items get presented on the YA! main page. 7. The geek who designed the YA! 'puter system to ensure questions often go into an inappropriate category. 8. Responder to queries or complaints in the YA! Help section. 9. Decision-maker who determines which YA! staffers are eligible for MENSA membership. 10. The entire YA! staff who sit around all day trying to decide which one of them came up with the best Troll-of -the-Day question

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