what are the things to look for on a used chrysler 300c?

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  • what are the things to look for on a used chrysler 300c?


Answer #1 | 13/12 2013 18:11
It depends on what year. Typically you want to stay away from 98-05 Chrysler's. They have numerous and serious issues with regards to the engine and transmission. This goes with any car-but you want to check for: Oil: black or white Black means the oil hasn't been changed for a while, which is bad for the engine White: means there's a coolant seal leak that's seeping into the engine, which is VERY bad for the engine and is costly to repair. Exhaust: white (after a cold boot) or black White: Water is being burned in the exhaust system, this is normal if the car is being started on a cold boot, but it shouldn't stay that way. Black: Gasket and/or front/rear main seal leak and/or head gasket seal leak. This is caused by oil leaking into the engine (in places it shouldn't be) and the engine is burning the oil. It's really bad for the engine and is costly to repair. Starter: squeaky or resistant Squeaky: starter has corrosion and/or worn parts Resistant: starter is worn (gears and/or starter motor) and will need to be replaced eventually Transmission: very jerky, loss of power, sudden increase or loss of rev Very Jerky: transmission fluid is low or very dirty (both will result in damage to the transmission). Could also be the sign of transmission problems Loss of Power: Transmission failure, transmission rebuild or replacement required Sudden Increase/Loss of Rev: Transmission slip. The gears in the transmission are worn and the computer cannot keep the transmission engaged in the desired gear. Transmission rebuild (cheaper) or transmission replacement (more expensive, but more comprehensive repair) will be required

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