what are the origins of these last names?

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  • what are the origins of these last names?


Answer #1 | 18/12 2013 16:03
Sometimes last names have no meaning. It's a bit of a mistaken notion that all surnames have a meaning.
Answer #2 | 18/12 2013 16:04
Surnames are just words and words come from languages and the influences of languages, not countries and NEVER tells you where your ancestors are from, just at best the language they heard, spoke or which influenced the first ancestor to take that surname.......... names were a choice, all names when taken so it doesn't matter if it is a first or surname and come from various situation what people did as a job, who they worked for, who's son they were, what they looked like, sounded like or a nick name, and so not all names have 'meanings' especially as even 100 years ago people didn't all read or write and spelling was not important, so often several centuries after names were first taken and may have changed spellings several times, people migrating to other countries and changing the spellings again, so often they have no resemblance to the original name .......... however as surnames are only one identifier of our ancestors that is the reason we don't surname hunt in researching our genealogy as it simply tells you very little, we just follow the record trail to find the correct ancestors cross referencing as we research with all the other identifiers of each person so regardless of spellings we still prove our ancestry which also takes us back to THEIR origin...not a word origin................. So your 'Russian' word is not even written in the Russian alphabet but in English again that changes in translations.............
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