What are some ways to make my witches & wizards different from Harry potters witches and wizards?

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  • What are some ways to make my witches & wizards different from Harry potters witches and wizards?


Answer #1 | 08/02 2014 13:14
It's a hard question, but it all depends on what you want your witches or wizards to be are they evil are they good, are they completely different creatures or are they just humans that use black magic. However, imagination is key so if your imagination says mysterious or dark then follow that. I hope this helped.
Answer #2 | 08/02 2014 13:04
Well, maybe they could use something else instead of magic wands? And as for spells, stay away from latin words, because that was what J.K.Rowling was using. And, definetely, don't have owles and old, longbearded whise wizard in your story. Try to create different plot - don't use private magic school. Maybe the camp will work? Hope I helped, good luck! :)
Answer #3 | 08/02 2014 14:13
Personally, I'd love to see wizards, witches and magics but in the modern world, with modern technology. Most always it will be set in a place that is very outdated, using candles instead of electricity and antique looking settings because it adds a medieval atmosphere to it all, and also punctuates the simple magics they use like in HP with howlers instead of phone calls and owls instead of email etc. Everyone reads papers instead of watching the news of looking online. Imagine magics in teens that have social networking, cyber bullying, you tube, blogs, iphones etc. It could be VERY fun. Especially if you include technopathic abilities into the mix! A scenario off of the top of my head could be a plot centred around a girl who vlogs about her life at a magic academy, a mixture of teen and horror. Eventually, maybe her video accidentally gets uploaded into the human realm of the internet and she could single handedly be the cause of magic exposure. Just remember, there were witches and wizards long before Harry Potter, as there will be long after it, too! Good luck!!

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