What are some of your favorite Thai foods?

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  • What are some of your favorite Thai foods?


Answer #1 | 09/07 2009 19:58
Seafood salad.
Answer #2 | 09/07 2009 19:59
mmm, i got this thing called silk love at this thai restaraunt. it was bean sprouts and peanuts and carots in a sweet peanut sauce on top of lettuce... i could eat it all day
Answer #3 | 09/07 2009 20:00
Man oh man, I love Thai food. My favorite Thai food is Pot Thai with chicken or shrimp (I usually get shrimp though). I get Pot Thai every time I go to any Thai or noodle restaurant. What about you, what do you like?
Answer #4 | 10/07 2009 11:59
Duck Laab,Tom Yum Goong,Pad See Ew, Mango on Sticky Rice and Pad Thai to just name a few,yummy.
Answer #5 | 10/07 2009 23:58
Panang, som tam, magoes and sticky rice, bananas in bana leaves, and treats in banana leaves. I forget what some of these are called, I never asked my mom what they were called. Not to mention my favorite dishes.

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