What are some jobs that a 13 year old can do?

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  • What are some jobs that a 13 year old can do?


Answer #1 | 17/06 2012 14:36
Usually all states in the US only allow 14 & 15 year olds to get a workers permit and work part time. I don't think you're old enough. Try mowing lawns.
Answer #2 | 17/06 2012 14:48
Answer #3 | 20/06 2012 21:30
If you like dogs and are comfortable around them you could always go on Kijiji or local paper and put an ad in as a dog walker. Lots of people as well need someone that is willing to mow lawns and do general yard clean up.
Answer #4 | 25/06 2012 14:34
-You can deliver newspaper (my friend started doing this at 13). -Mow lawns (I did this at 14). -Do you think you can ask relatives for a job? -Take care of pets -Help people move houses by carrying boxes. -You can also open up a garage sale if your parents allow you to. Just ask what you can sell before taking it. If you don't have much to sell, ask your friends and relatives. -Car wash. If it's too hard to do it by yourself, you can ask friends. Even if you don't make much money, it's fun if you're with friends. Make sure that if you are servicing others, you charge them a reasonable price and you should have adult supervision. There's not much you can do, getting a job in a store would most likely mean they would be giving you the dirty work and you won't be taken seriously, also you won't have as much shifts. I suggest waiting until you're 15. And while you're waiting, you can do volunteer work for work experience.

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