What are some good things to do while bored at work?

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  • What are some good things to do while bored at work?


Answer #1 | 04/05 2013 22:35
Epoxy quarters to the floor after you close and the following day, video people attempting to get the unremovable quarters from the floor. Post to YouTube and go viral!
Answer #2 | 05/05 2013 08:22
Answer #3 | 05/05 2013 09:18
In your shoes I would look around and observe people. That's always interesting because we all so different. Otherwise, you could maybe have an open textbook/notebook around (on another table that customers can't see would be best) with new spanish/german/french/etc vocabulary that you could always glance at and learn ;) Similarly, you could have a book to read. Maybe even a phone to play on. HOWEVER, whilst doing each you MUST be aware of the world around you and respond to any customer who comes to you immediately. I hope this inspired you a little :)
Answer #4 | 06/05 2013 04:31

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