What are some common household items that are made in france?

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  • What are some common household items that are made in france?


Answer #1 | 22/03 2017 05:18
In my house it's mostly the cookware, kitchenware, porcelain (Limoges), bottles of wine, some clothing, and a few old woodworking tools.
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Answer #2 | 24/02 2017 03:56
First the Le Creuset line of kitchen ware, especially Dutch ovens. Cutlery -All kinds of pottery and dishes. Most very expensive by last forever.
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Answer #3 | 14/03 2017 18:31
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Answer #4 | 26/02 2017 07:53
Many ordinary glasses are made in France as well as crystal ones and are exported world wide.(You can see "made in France" on the base of ordinary glasses). So is china .It does not have to be a valuable antique. I bought Sabatier knives in TJ Maxx, but there are other cheaper cooking knives and cutlery on the market that are made in France, including kitchen scissors.Tweezers. Nail scissors. Have you thought of an empty bottle of French wine? Champagne? Check out corkscrews too. What about a perfume bottle: most brands are made in France. Soap. Brushes. Cosmetics. Pans. Cheese grater. Sieve. Kitchen utensils Embroidery silks and cross stitch kits. Tablecloths and other house textiles. Candles. You can always buy things form the local Big Y or your local supermarket, such as French cheese, Bonne Maman jam, Paté in a jar or a tin, croissants, waffles. Good luck in your hunt!
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Answer #5 | 16/03 2017 12:50
Surrender monkeys to give to the Germans when they come calling
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Answer #6 | 24/02 2017 02:47
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