What are date ideas for teens without spending much $$$?

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  • What are date ideas for teens without spending much $$$?


Answer #1 | 08/06 2013 06:41
Draw a cartoon of how you met in sidewalk chalk Pack a picnic basket and go to unique location Play board games Buy a cheap canvases and paint portraits of each other Visit the Zoo Visit the Museums Go to a play Miniature golfing Arcade games Volunteer at a homeless shelter or humane society Search for your local cities parks and recreations website, they usually have lots of free events, especially in the summer Roller skating or ice skating Go to the playground swing and slide! Go yard saling Go to a bookstore and Visit the MAGAZINE section & find a quiz in a magazine that you and your spouse could do together. Visit the CHILDREN’S section & find a book that was a favorite when you were a child or that holds a special memory for you…and read them to each other. Visit the JOKE section and pick out a joke to tell. Visit the TRAVEL section and find a picture or information on a place you would like to visit someday. Visit the POEM section and find a poem that describes the way you feel. Go to a local fair or carnival. Fly a kite Find a list of questions to ask each other online Go to museums most of them are cheap or free with your student id
Answer #2 | 09/06 2013 07:56
Go to the off the trail places or get a sandwich and go to the park.

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