What amp should i buy for 2 15" Kicker CVR's?

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  • What amp should i buy for 2 15" Kicker CVR's?


Answer #1 | 29/12 2013 02:12
You need a 1000w rms, 1 ohm stable, mono amp. You usually get what you pay for in amps, so be careful what you shop for. If you get a Kicker 1000w rms 1 ohm stable, mono amp, it'd actually do 1000 watts but may cost more than your budget allows. Only reason I mention that brand is because your subs are the same brand and Kicker actually does the power they say. Alot of the cheaper amps won't do rated power. Connecting four 4ohm coils in parallel gives you 1 ohm. To connect in parallel, just run the + from the amp to all 4 +'s. Neg from amp to all 4 neg,'s. You don't have to run four wires from your amp, you can run one wire and hit all 4 + terminals along the way. One last thing. In order for the power to be spread evenly, it is best to put the + from the amp on coil #1, and the - from the amp on coil #4 (or vice versa). This is good for a couple reasons I don't have time to explain. I would probably buy an Audiopipe apsm1500 and just be a little careful to not overpower the subs. Distortion kills subs faster than clean (not distorted) overpowering. They are great "bang for the buck", amps. Check ebay or something. Good luck.
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