were to go on a date that shows how much i love my GF?

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  • were to go on a date that shows how much i love my GF?


Answer #1 | 05/10 2006 12:13
go dancing or to a cluband dance she will love you for that.
Answer #2 | 05/10 2006 12:18
take her on a picnic...awwwww
Answer #3 | 05/10 2006 12:18
theme park!!!!!!!! unforgettable fun (even for all of us over 30!!)
Answer #4 | 05/10 2006 12:17
Dinner cruise world yachts.
Answer #5 | 05/10 2006 12:14
Find out her favorite place to go, and set something special up thier.
Answer #6 | 05/10 2006 12:16
find out where SHE wants to go.... see what kind of setting she likes... what kind of food she likes... and U pay... not to be mean... but girls don't like paying... i mean the boy is suppost to pay anyways
Answer #7 | 05/10 2006 12:27
Go on a picnic. I know that sounds corny but it is very romantic if done right. It is beginning to get chilly at night and it is the perfect time to lay a blanket out on the ground watch the sun go down and snuggle up together under the stars. Take food that is simple to prepare and easy to take. here is a link that will help with the planning of a romantic picnic. Good Luck.
Answer #8 | 05/10 2006 12:32
A place where both of you can get to know each other more. A place where you can talk and just be yourselves. A place that would be part of your love story. It doesnt have to be a really fancy place because a the only thing that can make a certain place beautiful is if you fill it with beautiful memories, especially your beautiful love story.
Answer #9 | 08/10 2006 17:19
day at theme park, then sunset walk on the beach. go out to a nice dinner. (propose on beach?) she would never 4get hat!! id marry you if you cared that much... good luck
Answer #10 | 07/10 2006 08:24
sea side stroll
Answer #11 | 06/10 2006 20:54
take her to her favorite restaurant or show or go to the place where your first date was
Answer #12 | 05/10 2006 13:04
I think you should make a romantic dinner for her. Us women love it. You can make some spaghetti ,garlic bvread, and a salad. Make sure to have one rose on the table with two candels. Have her favorite song playing, when she comes in. Write her a poem or a letter to tell her how you feel about her. Place this on her plate setting. See nothing expensive here, but a wonderful experience. She will never forget this dinner, anyone can take her out to a rest.
Answer #13 | 06/10 2006 16:39
a nice simple restaraunt.not a very richy type,but not that low either.get chocolate covered strawberries or cherries while your waiting for your 1st course.

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