Weight problem?

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  • Weight problem?


Answer #1 | 23/07 2014 16:46
Don't give up or lose motivation just keep on doing what you are doing and even start eating a lot better and In no time you will see the weight come off
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Answer #2 | 23/07 2014 16:23
I have stupid problems like that from time to time. I think it's Yahoo. My bet is if you try clicking on them again another time it will open. I don't think this digital age is up to where it claims to be. Especially with Yahoo.
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Answer #3 | 23/07 2014 16:54
If you lose fat and gain muscle, then you will be and look better, without losing weight, because muscle is heavier than fat. Make sure you're not starving yourself (when you say your diet is OK, we don't KNOW that's true), and you get LOTS of nourishment. So, if you are eating well, then keep it up. Don't obsess on the scale, but on whether you're healthy (and how you look).
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Answer #4 | 23/07 2014 15:58
Carry on you'll lose weight.
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Answer #5 | 23/07 2014 18:23
Just eat well and exercise well, I think that's all you can do.
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Answer #6 | 23/07 2014 16:47
maybe yoiu have register on that story website?
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