Ways To deodorize a room?

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  • Ways To deodorize a room?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 22:41
get a plant misting bottle, the dollar one with the big trigger and the adjustable tip. Now put in white vinegar. Lightly mist the area that smells and especially any fabric or raw wood or rugs(sort of like putting on hair spray to ones head on commercials) , Let it dry for about half an hour and you should notice next to nothing in smell. Works great when you burn something on the stove. Basically an air freshener without another odor. As it dries it takes the other odor with it.
Answer #2 | 29/12 2013 01:46
You can get powders for very little price from shops such as asda etc. If you put the powder on your carpet and let it set for about 20-30 minutes, then vacuum of, this should reduce the odour. Also you can purchase wall sprays that have a set timer from asda aswell, these will go off every 10 minutes, and some of them smell great! If you buy one or two of these and place them on the wall in different areas of your room, they will let out a fresh smell and deodorise your bedroom Hope this helps:)
Answer #3 | 01/01 2014 16:28
It sounds like your cats are doing more than hanging out Put a litter tray in there if they must use your room Cat litter is a great deodouriser

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