Was Donegal in northern Ireland in 1922?

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  • Was Donegal in northern Ireland in 1922?


Answer #1 | 03/09 2011 19:05
No. Donegal was never part of NI, it wasn't enclosed in the statelet as it would have tipped the demographics in favour of the nationalist community.
Answer #2 | 04/09 2011 07:04
no,i dont think so,i know that east donegal was talked about being incorporated into nothern ireland though cos there was and still is a protestant majority
Answer #3 | 04/09 2011 13:58
No donegal was never in northern ireland. But part of it is in northern ireland now. Although it is part of county londonderry, it became part of county londonderry when james 1 came to ni and planted us all here at that time he decided to make the county larger and took land from the east side of county londonderry and tyrone and then west of the river foyle. quote from site: "This new county would comprise the then County Coleraine, which consisted of the baronies of Tirkeeran, Coleraine, and Keenaght; all but the south-west corner of the barony of Loughinsholin, which was then a part of County Tyrone; the North East Liberties of Coleraine, which was part of County Antrim; and the City and Liberties of Londonderry, which were in County Donegal.[26][27] The liberties of Coleraine and Londonderry were requested by the Irish society so that they could control both banks of the mouths of the River Foyle and the River Bann and have access to sufficient wood for construction.[28]

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