Voting Question: whf? now nothing works, why?

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  • Voting Question: whf? now nothing works, why?


Answer #1 | 15/12 2013 19:34
You have a few choices. If you want to try to get your machine running by repairing things I would start by using a working computer to download a bootable AV product (Kaspersky has one) and then creating the boot media and booting your computer off of that to then perform a full scan. You could then boot off of the installation CD for Windows and use the repair menu to see if Windows can repair itself. If you have had enough of trying to repair Windows then I would say to perform a factory restore. Search the net for your machine model and factory restore instructions or call the tech support of the mfg to get instructions to do this. Please note before starting that this will remove any and all data from the machine so be certain to back anything you need to keep up to a flash drive or such. If your computer doesn't have a factory restore option them simply boot off of your installation disk and perform a new/clean installation.
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