Voting Question: What is the B95.5 Words & Trivia for 12/23/13?

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  • Voting Question: What is the B95.5 Words & Trivia for 12/23/13?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 04:53
Café - Candy cane - Can Team - Atlanta Falcons - Atl Town – Saukville – Sau Artist – JASON ALDEAN - Jas Facebook – Gifts – Gif Hailey’s Pick NMF – Holiday - Hol Karen - Francisco - Fra Wacky Winter Video Trivia - Sugar cookies Video Trivia Time: 3 Entertainment Zone! - Herself Videos Gone Wild! - Jennifer Aniston Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous! - Black Taylor Swifts OMG Face - Over, and Over, and Over - Katie Your daily video trivia - 5th VIDEO: History Of Target Accounts - U.S. Secret Service VIDEO: Khloe Kardashian Dating - Outfielder VIDEO: Celeb Fashion Coats - Leather sleeves VIDEO: Homemade Headbands - Hat VIDEO: Cosmo Cover Shoot - Lauren Conrad Blockbusters - Six hours Celebrity Interview Video Trivia: Elizabeth Moss Country Livin' - Stephen Moyer Country Music - Texas A & M In The News - Sheyenne River Music Pop Quiz- Who You Love Pop Clips! Trivia – Beyonce Pop Culture Trivia - Six years Zac Brown Band - Grohl Sessions-Day For The Dead Remember When - The Goddess of Democracy 4th Quarter Quiz-Washington Capitals Taylor Swifts OMG – Katie Coverage For Dependants –26 Skin Irritation - Different ingrediants Health & Gum Disease –Swollen BlaSug3HerJenlaatSecOutLeaHatLau5thDayKat26DifSwo 95.7 Music Quiz - Caesar and Cleo Mumbo Jumbo – curmudgeon (noun) /kuhr muj uhn/ - An ill-tempered, stubborn person, usually an old man. - Cur In Word – Carols - Car
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 09:52
12/23 95.9 The River Aurora Illinois 11:10am=Run Through The Jungle 4:10pm=Wholl stop THe RAIn 8:10pm=Proud Mary 98.3 WCCQ Crest Hill Illinois Artist=Kasey Musgraves Eblast=Peace 100.7 Q-Rock Crest Hill Illinois Artist= matt cameron Eblast = Santa
Answer #3 | 23/12 2013 10:18
Entertainment Zone: Herself Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous: Black Videos Gone Wild: Jennifer Aniston Video Trivia Time: 3 Your Daily Video: 5th Wacky Video: Sugar cookies Celebrity: Elizabeth Moss Taylor Swifts OMG Face - Over, and Over, and Over: Katie VIDEO: History Of Target Accounts: U.S. Secret Service VIDEO: Khloe Kardashian Dating: Outfielder VIDEO: Celeb Fashion Coats: Leather sleeves VIDEO: Homemade Headbands: Hat VIDEO: Cosmo Cover Shoot: Lauren Conrad 4th Quarter Quiz: Washington Capitals Blockbusters: Six hours Country: Texas A & M Country Livin' Trivia: Stephen Moyer Remember When?: The Goddess of Democracy In The News: Sheyenne River
Answer #4 | 23/12 2013 14:50
carbeelvsugifwrahatuxblauswoherjenleaoutdaykatdif2635thsec 4th quarter)washington capitals celebrity)elizabeth moss blockbuster)six hours remember when)the goddess of democray in the news)sheyenne river pop culture)six years pop clips)beyonce pop music quiz)who you love Video trivia time)3 Lifestyles)BLAck Entertainment zone)HERself Video gone wild)JENnifer Wacky winter video)SUGar your daily video)5TH video-history)us SECret service video-celeb)LEAther sleeves video-khloe)OUTfielder video-homemader)HAT video-cosmo)LAUren conrad zac)DAY for the dead taylor)KATie coverage)26 skin)DIFferent ingredients health)SWOllen wrve 630)WRAppingville 930)TUX 1040)GIFts 410)gift CARds 710)SHIpment mct)eggnog faceboook)BEEf Iheart)HOL bonus) B95 625)ELVes 925)WRA back)LERoy anderson 425)VILlage

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