Voting Question: Reliable courier services in the uk?

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  • Voting Question: Reliable courier services in the uk?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 14:23
Believe me, there are no Couriers you can trust 100%. Though they are apparently highly rated i have given up on 'My Hermes', every time i have used them something has gone wrong. Just to keep up that record, early [ish] on Thursday morning just gone i overheard my son ordering something from John Lewis on line with guaranteed delivery before Xmas. Today, for no particular reason, i looked up his order status by using the link to the Carrier, My Hermes. It showed the item as delivered just before 5pm pm Friday. Specifically, it said "Delivered to Shed". Errr i don't think so guys, or not here at least ! I live in a semi rural area in a small Close of 10 detached houses'. Though each home has a shed, i have 3, none are accessible from the road. In all of the houses' the only access from the front of the houses' to the rear is through a locked door in 6' high close boarded fencing. So no visible or accessible sheds to deliver to !!! Early this year i sent a laptop by next day service with 'City Link' to Edinburgh. Did not arrive, City Link did manage to locate it though and found that for reasons they could not explain it had it had been up and down the country a couple of times and was currently in Portsmouth depot ! They did finally deliver it - safe and sound - but from the tracking information we worked out that it had covered very close to 2000 miles before it actually reached Edinburgh. Crazy. Again in this year, DHL missed 3 pick up's in a row. Basically it seems to me that you take pot luck and cross your fingers.
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Answer #2 | 22/12 2013 14:31
FEDEX. They collected my sons pushbike from Cornwall at 6pm. It was at his house in Leeds at 9am. UK
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