Voting Question: if my baby sitter fills out a 1099, do I have to pay taxes?

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  • Voting Question: if my baby sitter fills out a 1099, do I have to pay taxes?


Answer #1 | 10/12 2013 13:37
If you paid her more than $600 (you paid her somewhere between $4000 to $7000), she is probably considered an employee and you have to pay 7.65% Social Security and Medicare taxes plus give her a 1099. See your tax preparer for details.
Answer #2 | 10/12 2013 14:48
You have it backwards. You give her a W-2 if she earns $1,900 or more during the year and pay and collect Social Security and Medicare taxes. You report her earnings on your income tax return using Schedule H as in Household
Answer #3 | 10/12 2013 20:42
As the others have stated, the issue is where the babysitting is done. If she babysits in YOUR house, you give her a W-2 if you pay her more than $1900. Fica/MC and FUTA would also be due. If your child is under the age of 13 and you had to have a babysitter because you work, you need her name and SSN for both the W-2 and for the child care credit form. That info would be on the W-4. If she babysits in HER home, she's responsible for reporting the income based on her records. You can give her a W-10 to request her information for the child care credit form. You do NOT give her a 1099-Misc because you are not a business. She also doesn't fill out a 1099-Misc for herself. Even if you were her only client, if she babysits in her home, once she made $400, she had a filing requirement.
Answer #4 | 10/12 2013 13:54
If she's babysitting in your home, YOU should be giving HER a W-2 and paying employer taxes. She'd pay income tax, social security and medicare on the money. ..If she's doing the babysitting somewhere else, like her home, she is considered self employed and you are not responsible for anything for her taxes. And wherever she's doing the babysitting In any case, the recipient of the pay does not fill out a 1099. Yes you can take the child care credit - you'll need HER ss#. She doesn't need yours.. .

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