Voting Question: Does anyone have any info about this (sir)name?

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  • Voting Question: Does anyone have any info about this (sir)name?


Answer #1 | 21/12 2013 09:48
Surnames, like first name are just words and all words come from languages and the influence of languages, the ONLY records are American, so the origin is the English language and America ( country)........ but I really don't think you mean origin of a word, you mean origin of your ancestors and the ONLY way to find that is to research the written records as one leads to the next record as you go back....... which is the issue with websites and surname hunting, it is simply not research........ So even 100 years ago many people didn't read or write, so spelling was not only not important, they didn't know if it was spelt 'wrong' or not, nor did they care like we do today, which is why so many names, if not all, have changed so many times over the centuries........ In genealogy we don't guess and come up with what we think or what people tell us, or I have to say what some website says, it is all opinion and opinion is nothing to do with facts and written records are factual... so your own birth cert proves you, it is also a connecting records which proves your parents regardless of any spellings, their marriage cert proves them and connects either their fathers or both parents (depends on the country they married) again connecting records which prove another generation and again regardless of how they spelt their name and that is how you research you keep going back using connecting records........ and is the ONLY way you can find out where the PEOPLE originated who used the surname that you use today.... With immigration, say from Italy or Germany, to the USA there was/is a change in language, so also many names were also changed to suit their new life....... this will be shown in records but it is not by using a surname that you will find them...websites are full of transcriptions ( they are NOT records) those transcriptions are full of human errors and many are guess work which is why they are only a clue about where to look for the real records, they are not how you research, nor trust as true......... and regardless of how you are going to research we all have to do our groundwork or all it is is copy and paste, finger crossed you have the ancestors and not some other people who just 'fit' names and dates so this might help
Answer #2 | 21/12 2013 20:58
Using which is free, the ONLY place it shows up is in the US, and in one state. You certainly will know which one that is. What is not shown is the place of birth for the man originally using it, who died in 1989. Because that is a recent death, his death cert is not available to ME.. you should be able to get it easily. His birth is shown as 1941..but not WHERE. I don't see that it is probable that HE was born in Italy, which is the standard in genealogy...not where the name itself comes from. IF HE has/ had an alternate spelling at birth, then that would account for it be as rare as it is..since I looked by the exact spelling. However... exact spelling is not a basic in genealogy... facts and relationships are. To get the clarification means following grandpa and his place of origin, then to his ancestry.

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