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  • Voting Question: Do I get taxed for this?


Answer #1 | 14/12 2013 15:41
Your actual salary per month will be £625 (£15,000/12 x 0.5), giving a grand total of £1,875 for your 3 month contract. If you have no other earnings in the tax year (6.4.13 to 5.4.14), you are way below the 'personal allowance' of £9,440 for the tax year. Even if you are taxed because your employer doesn't have the correct tax code for you, this can be remedied very easily and don't need to wait until the end of the tax year. See You are also below the level at which you would pay National Insurance, so no deductions for that, either.
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Answer #2 | 14/12 2013 13:57
You may find that you do get taxed initially, until your employer has a tax code for you. If you were able to give them a P45 you might avoid it - but if you din't have one they will tax you until they get the code from HMRC (becuase for all they know you may have another job as well and be earning your tax free allownace somewhere else.
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Answer #3 | 16/12 2013 02:22
If and when your tax code gets sorted out properly, you should end up paying nothing as you will be getting under the personal allowance of £9,440. You might get emergency taxed to start with, but if you hand over your P45, or fill in the P46 or Starter Checklist they give you, you should get on the proper code (probably 944L) soon and have any tax refunded. If that doesn't happen automatically in your pay, contact HMRC and ask for a refund. You are also not earning enough to pay National Insurance, so you should get the full £542.
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Answer #4 | 14/12 2013 13:34
No you won't be taxed, if this is your only job, as you don't earn enough UK
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