Valid or not valid. If I didn't commit a crime, then I have nothing to worry about when talking to the police.?

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  • Valid or not valid. If I didn't commit a crime, then I have nothing to worry about when talking to the police.?


Answer #1 | 07/01 2017 23:30
Again the Minister of BS is here answering questions with answers that he finds on all kinds of websites, but has no experience on the subject-he is like a person that calls into a radio talk show, has nothing of use to say, he just likes to hear himself talk, in this case he gets a thrill reading what he wrote and hopes everybody here feels good about it so he can feel good about it. If you have nothing to hide then you have no reason to answer questions, all of this rubbish that the minister of BS is quoting has more to it than he is adding, and some of it is total garbage
Answer #2 | 07/01 2017 23:04
Theoretically, yes. In practical terms, no. This is the deal with any type of investigation, sometimes people start with the conclusion and then collect evidence to justify it. It happens all the time and experienced, trained investigators can make the mistake just as well as someone who isn't. The result in a criminal investigation is that sometimes people end up in prison for crimes they didn't commit.
Answer #3 | 07/01 2017 23:02
Answer #4 | 08/01 2017 04:39
I think that is a valid statement. But that just covers you. If a loved one did something bad, and you know about it, then that come back to bite you or them after police questioning. That could certainly give you something to worry about.
Answer #5 | 08/01 2017 01:46
Cops have one job - catch bad guys. Part of that is asking questions. Don't contribute.

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