UK taxes or Spanish taxes?

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  • UK taxes or Spanish taxes?


Answer #1 | 11/08 2008 12:18
You pay taxes to the country where you live in, so long as you work there. There are cases where people live somewhere but don't work there so don't pay any taxes at all. See all Tax exile people..
Answer #2 | 11/08 2008 13:33
Whatever country you live in, you pay the taxes in that country, as long as you are registered by work and resident of the country that you live in, then you are fine.
Answer #3 | 11/08 2008 16:47
Who you work FOR is immaterial. You would be living and working in Spain so would have to pay taxes there. You will have no connection with England other than having an English Company as an employer.
Answer #4 | 12/08 2008 04:46
If you become tax resident in Spain, then you would fall under their tax laws. However, if you are under PAYE employment with a UK company, then provided you meet the non resident conditions and do not do any work in the UK, then your salary should not be liable to UK tax. You should fill in the form P85 when you leave the UK and request an NT tax code to be operated against your UK salary income.
Answer #5 | 13/08 2008 21:05
Pay them where you live.

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