Tupe help with lying time?

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  • Tupe help with lying time?


Answer #1 | 08/12 2013 16:42
Would you like to take a stab at that, one more time, friend ? It's hard to decode your sentence. Britt
Answer #2 | 09/12 2013 01:07
Yes it is legal in the UK. They can change their minds.
Answer #3 | 09/12 2013 10:23
Not sure what you mean? But if you had a contractual right to something you keep it if anoter company takes over under TUPE
Answer #4 | 09/12 2013 13:10
If you hadn't made your question so terse, brief and meaningless we might have been able to answer you. We can't read your mind, if you have a genuine question, take the time to type it out in detail. By the way, it is legal to renege on TUPE and most TUPE's involve lies. That is the British way now.

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