Trying to claim my winning Number for $5,000.00 a week Forever!

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  • Trying to claim my winning Number for $5,000.00 a week Forever!


raymond deason | 07/01 2018 19:58
where to find my winning number to win $5,000.00 a wk forever for feb.23rd. drawing
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Anonymous73160 | 26/01 2015 00:05
Please help me because I want to win
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Anonymous270987 linda | 21/07 2017 17:51
To download from u tube press where it says download, you will see different files add the download to a folder where u can find it such asuric to music folder, then some will just download quick go to that folder quick in what you download there it is
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Elois Bourne | 26/01 2015 02:36
How to claim my winning for $5000.00 a week Forever.
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Anonymous88516 | 26/01 2015 04:32
Securing a prize number on the winner selection listen today finally step required wanna activate now
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Anonymous83008 | 04/01 2016 23:23
this answer would. be. I'm praying. Pch gway. # 4900Summerzmedina
Positive: 52.112676056338 %
Anonymous51913 | 23/12 2016 17:19
I'm feeling lucky i will like to have this blessing can't seem to claim prize number having a difficult time please.
Positive: 52.857142857143 %
JUANITA EALEY | 26/01 2015 02:05
I am claiming my winning of $5,000.00 a week "Forever" to be awarded on Feburary 27, 2015. I have ACTIVATED all numbers in have entered during my time of playing the PCH games. PCH Gwy. Nos. I have completed and ACTIVATED to CLAIM No. 3080, No. 4650, No.4900, No. 4950, No. 4744, No. 3577, No. 3050, No. 7512, and No. 4749. Please consider me as a WINNER on February 27, 2015.
Positive: 54.411764705882 %
Anonymous33312 | 16/02 2015 11:32
Try to find the number, I will like to be a winner
Positive: 54.411764705882 %
Anonymous18592 | 23/12 2016 17:07
Ive search andsearched time is running out i would like to be a winner can someone help im having a hard time
Positive: 49.315068493151 %
Anonymous22012 | 26/01 2015 14:19
Im trying to claim my number but i dont know the steps
Positive: 55.223880597015 %
Anonymous89621 | 14/02 2017 13:52
I would like to claim, and Activate my numberA)524 to win $5,000.00 a week forever, I am a disabled Vet in a wheel chair, and I only live on less then $10,000.00 a year, so it would be a Blesing if I won, I Pray that I do win so I can pay off all of my bills, and help my Family before I die for my doctors do not give me long to live.
Positive: 50.704225352113 %
suzette pagette | 08/01 2018 02:30
Claiming my winning numbers. Forever prize
Positive: 51.428571428571 %
Anonym1ous41847 | 17/02 2016 17:45
Claiming my number to win $5,000.00 a week forever on feb 26
Positive: 52.173913043478 %
[email protected] | 12/01 2015 17:45
Trying to find my winning claim number. would love to be next big winner.
Positive: 52.941176470588 %
alicia adame | 25/01 2015 22:46
I too am trying to get a number for the $5000.00aweek forever. so good luck to all.
Positive: 52.941176470588 %
suzette pagette | 08/01 2018 02:31
Im. Claiming my winning numbers forever prize im in it to win it
Positive: 52.941176470588 %
Stella Eburuo | 18/02 2015 07:21
I am claiming my winning number from PCHgiveaway3080,Now PCH family by choice.Looking forward that GOD almighty will say yes.Thanks to all from mail man to everybody at PCH. I am wishing myself good luck, praying that I will win the chance to sit down and talk about what the giveaway can do for me and my generations Amen.
Positive: 53.731343283582 %
Tina Pade | 17/01 2015 17:31
Yes! I am trying to claim my winning number for the 5,000.00 a week. I actually do not know if I am following the steps correctly. Hope so!
Positive: 54.545454545455 %
l,m claim my forever frize | 26/01 2015 16:25
ROSEMIE RESIMA 1 -26-2015 10:13
Positive: 55.384615384615 %
michelle5050 | 11/01 2015 23:48
I really would like to win.,please help cant find it..
Positive: 50.724637681159 %
Evelyn rodriguez | 26/01 2015 02:58
I'm trying to claim my prize number please help?
Positive: 51.470588235294 %
Danny Vaega | 09/01 2018 00:34
Claim my $5,000.00 a week forever. My name is Danny Vaega
Positive: 51.470588235294 %
raymond deason | 07/01 2018 20:11
find my numbers to win 5,000.00 a wk forever
Positive: 51.470588235294 %
Robin Doss | 23/09 2014 03:10
I've searched and searched praying I'm doing the right thing! Really ready to win the money PCH
Positive: 53.030303030303 %
Ernest Mcwilliams | 04/01 2018 15:26
Good morning Pch,,and I'll tell you guys again god gave me more dreams of becoming the super blessed winner of $5,000.00 a week for life plus whomever else I choose..Thank you for submitting my superprize number and again I feel lucky and blessed and prize patrol will be showing up in Pacific Missouri whoo yesssssss please thanks for the chance guys and I have so any goals and dreams and debts I will fulfill with the amount of cash,, of course take care of my terminally I'll mother and my kids will be able to go to college as there in highschool now and will move out this trailer into a house I know a house and buy a new vehicle lol I'm getting excited and definitely want to help the youth in need and provide help for st Jude's hospital to help kids fight cancer please Lord answer my prayers and thanks again pch see you soon
Positive: 47.887323943662 %
Anonymous20142 | 15/07 2015 18:56
It would help a lot of family and give my man a life to enjoy why he's still here...I would love to win I be very greatful...bring some to cuz I would cry with joy...
Positive: 54.6875 %
Anonymous845503 | 10/08 2017 22:16
Positive: 48.571428571429 %
Anonymous83629 | 26/01 2015 01:31
Trying to claim for 5,000 a week the number is 3080
Positive: 49.275362318841 %
Anonymous82480 | 12/02 2015 19:40
YES!!! It's unavoidable, it's MINE!!!
Positive: 51.515151515152 %
Anonymous41848 | 18/02 2015 05:07
O.K. I have been going bananas searching for the winning FOREVER NUMBER. I have asked the Almighty to help me with the search but I also need PCH to lend a helping hand. Are you listening? Waiting for your reply PCH!
Positive: 51.515151515152 %
Rachel winter | 26/01 2015 15:45
I would love to win to help my mom and me pay off all are bills then i want to help the people round me i see people trying to make it in this world and i would love to give them also a helping hand.. i would try and make a diffenece in peoples lives not just mine
Positive: 52.307692307692 %
Wilma | 13/02 2015 17:51
It by gaming point or by buying thing. Because I have answer question and play the and still having won nothing yet.
Positive: 54.838709677419 %
Ivone Pitta | 15/08 2016 01:06
I have searched and searched and it never ends. Every day I get emails telling me to search again and again. I am tired of entering for the past 50 years! I have lost confidence in PCH
Positive: 47.826086956522 %
Anonymous22397 | 20/11 2014 17:53
Positive: 48.529411764706 %
Anonymous63934 | 05/12 2014 15:37
I hope and pray for enough money to not have to worry about how much just once I spend at the grocery store but fill my cart and have no worries.
Positive: 49.253731343284 %
Anonymous706 | 24/01 2015 19:27
Im trying to claim my price, im ready GOD HELP ME!!!!
Positive: 50.769230769231 %
Wilma | 13/02 2015 17:45
I've being playing the games and winning but still having won PCH.
Positive: 50.769230769231 %
Anonymous3804 | 13/02 2015 20:56
I need it ,we need it for home repairs my wife and I are retired and i'm on disibility
Positive: 50.769230769231 %
Rosemie Resima | 26/01 2015 16:17
I'm claim my 5,000.00 forever frize
Positive: 50.769230769231 %
Anonymous5474 | 22/12 2014 00:44
I'm trying to claim my prize 3080
Positive: 52.380952380952 %
Anonymous22012 | 26/01 2015 11:00
I'm searching and really I don't know what I'm doing.
Positive: 52.380952380952 %
Anonymous98069 | 26/01 2015 10:48
Hope I'm doing right. I really want to win. I'm known as anonymous98069
Positive: 52.380952380952 %
Anonymous98306 | 26/01 2015 15:36
Where do we look to find the wining number for #pch $5000.00 #forever contest. I just had my daughter norah on dec 1st and i have a 6 year old son and no vehicle. Im in debt with hospital bills. Had my appenfic out at 5 months pregnant needed a cat scan and the cost added up quick please help me finc the woning numbet
Positive: 49.230769230769 %
anonymous | 18/02 2015 05:59
I will claim my number for PCH giveaway 3080.Now,PCH family by choice.Am praying, looking forward that GOD almighty will say yes.Thanks to all, from mail man to everybody at PCH.I wish I will have the chance to sit down to talk about what this giveaway will do in my generations Amen.
Positive: 50 %
Wanda M. Garcia | 26/01 2015 01:14
Yes, I am. This chance will help me and my family with our situation right now. Three years ago I had to stop working because I became disabled. So far I have been denied disability one time and I am still pending for a date on my appeal. Now the only income coming in is my oldest daughter who had to stopped going to college to help us out. We are living on a prayer and this chance could be our answer. Thank you for the opportunity.
Positive: 50 %
Joann hicks | 05/07 2015 20:43
Iam trying to claim my winning number for 5,000a week forever contest at pch
Positive: 50 %
Anonymous37448 | 04/07 2015 19:35
I would like to claim my number. What a blessing would it be to win
Positive: 48.4375 %
Marcela 82480 | 12/02 2015 19:37
Positive: 48.4375 %
I will like to be a winner of $5000 a week I claim no 4090, 3089 | 16/02 2015 11:44
Try to find the number, I will like to be a winner
Positive: 46.153846153846 %

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