True or false... a car impacting another car head on will double the force of impact?

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  • True or false... a car impacting another car head on will double the force of impact?


Answer #1 | 06/08 2014 17:59
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Answer #2 | 05/08 2014 01:43
Two cars with equal mass and speed going opposite directions will impact with the same force as one of them would with a massive stationary object. However if one of the cars was not moving the force of the impact would be about half
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Answer #3 | 04/08 2014 23:39
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Anonymous567125 | 05/02 2018 09:18
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Answer #5 | 04/08 2014 23:01
If they're both going the same speed, then it will be double because it's the force of the two speeds added together. But the impact is additive, not multiplicative. So "double" won't be true if the cars are going at different speeds.
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Answer #6 | 05/08 2014 01:45
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Answer #7 | 04/08 2014 23:51
…and if one the cars is going in reverse the force of impact will be reduced.
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Answer #8 | 05/08 2014 00:44
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Anonymous98132 | 21/03 2018 08:36
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