Toasting my friends help ? ?

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  • Toasting my friends help ? ?


Answer #1 | 01/06 2010 13:13
Congratulatioooonssssss Lily and Freddieeee!!!!!! *drinks firewhiskey* edit: but cisssyyyy its my wedding day!
Answer #2 | 01/06 2010 13:30
OH calm down Cissy, I just performed a wedding for him and George... he was sober enough. And CONGRATS MECURYS!
Answer #3 | 01/06 2010 13:18
Thank you.You really are a true friend Me and my Lily kins may have had our ups and downs but this is for real.The way she looks at me through those bright emerald eyes, the way she laughs and how her smile lights up her already beautiful face I love stroking her luscious red locks and most of all, I'm glad that we have an equally beautiful daughter, Arianna, who will be breaking hearts in no time I have started making a speech for her;_ylt=ApRHKlAtW2.NikMf_ki6v5_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100601125652AAqJgNA
Answer #4 | 01/06 2010 13:14
You really are not that Evil :D
Answer #5 | 01/06 2010 13:32
Congrats to Lily and Freddie. Narcissa you are like the nicest person here. haha its funny because narcissa isnt suppose to be nice!
Answer #6 | 01/06 2010 13:36
and the Weasley's reception! *waves bottle of Firewhisky about*
Answer #7 | 01/06 2010 16:52
SOB SOB SNIFF! I hate my parents! They made me get off so I couldnt see the wedding! NOOOO SOB SOB SNIFF! D-':
Answer #8 | 01/06 2010 14:07
Vote please
Answer #9 | 01/06 2010 13:48
I loves my family, mummy and daddy and Harry <3

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