Tip Etiquette and Sharing between colleagues?

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  • Tip Etiquette and Sharing between colleagues?


Answer #1 | 03/04 2012 13:43
I believe that only the waiting staff get the tips, as tips are normally given to the waiters, some keeps the tips themselves, others share the tips at the end of the evening. Myself if I was a manager of a restaurant I think i would share the tips fairly between all staff on duty on the night, as a manager I don't think I would include myself in the tipping process or the chef as they are normally paid decent wages. The easy answer to this would be to find out if a employees tax code is adjusted to allow for tips, certain jobs have a lower tax code to allow for tips, I don't know if this is still the case but it used to be, in which case only those people should be allowed tips.
Answer #2 | 03/04 2012 13:57
I have not waited tables in over 14 years, but when I was in the business we always tipped out 1. Our bus boys; 2. Our bartenders; and 3. Only the chef when the table specifically said, "this is for the chef". Bus boys I always over tipped, usually 10%, but never gave less than $10. Bartenders I always gave 5% but again, no less than $10. So even if I made only $50 on a lunch shift I always over tipped my helpers because if you actually do get busy you want those guys to back you up no matter what is going on and if they know you are going to treat them right they'll have your back in a pinch.

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